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With deep appreciation and gratefulness

Indradhanu is entering 11th year and we are ecstatic to have shared so many years with you all. This is an amazing feat; we have traversed across uncharted obstacles as we established a rich and loving educational ethos. Every step has been taken hand in hand by our community to help our school grow and thrive.

We are grateful…

To our devoted teachers, who come in every day, rise to every challenge and work hard-in-hand to hold our children safe with their warmth and kindness and love;

we Thank You...

To our non-teaching staff who work silently behind the stage with ever present smiles, perseverance and helping hands that never say no; we Thank you

To our supportive parents, who have stayed committed to us, trusted in us and have shown up for our events with enthusiasm and love;

we Thank you...

And to our beautiful, vibrant children, who are the reason we smile, with your boundless joy, intriguing questions and infectious spirit;

we Thank you...

We thank you all and are looking forward to all the new memories we will continue to make.

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