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A King's Crown

Constructive Geometry in Grade 6.

The Grade 6 consciousness is all about understanding cause and effect.

Through attaining precision in constructive geometry, children strive to learn the process through judgments. To draw a line precisely, they need to estimate and connect two points that helps one to understand space.

A King's Crown is one of the Geometrical forms that has been drawn through dividing a circle into 24 parts by bisecting with its radius and then connect each point with every other point. It will give an image of a circle that rises amidst the lines.

This process will enable children to experience the cause and effect precisely. After every Geometrical pattern was drawn, children were guided to observe the various geometrical patterns that had emerged. This brings in the out of box thinking and as they color them beautifully within the boundary, which helps them to achieve the sense of comfort to stay inside the boundaries even during their emotional swings.

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