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What's In Our Curriculum

Early Childhood Programme

Our Early Childhood Programme, divided as Nursery (children aged 24 months to 3 years) and Kindergarten (children aged between 3 and 6 years), is designed as a home away from home. We are acutely aware that these are the formative years of the child, where primarily she learns through imitation and repetition. Learning is seamlessly and joyfully woven into meaningful work in a home-like environment that provides trust, comfort and security, fostering healthy physical, mental and emotional growth. Awakening the sense of life, and working with the senses of touch, movement and balance in a nurturing environment prepares the child for cognitive abilities such as reading, writing and arithmetic that begin formally in Grade 1. That does not mean children don’t learn languages or mathematics or science; it only means they learn it organically, without being told, “This is language, this is mathematics, this is science”.


Grade Programme

When we come into Grade School in the Waldorf curriculum, parents become rightfully nervous. What was acceptable in kindergarten is suddenly not ‘serious enough’ in grade school, and we are here to tell you why learning – whether in grade school or kindergarten – is serious business for us and why Waldorf curriculum supports and enhances all aspects of wholesome learning. Imagine it like food – if systems of education we are familiar with and one in which we invariably grew up is like, say the Keto diet (high in academics, low in non-academics), then Waldorf is like the meal on a banana leaf – sumptuous, eclectic, homemade, nutritional, and served in a specific order.

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