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We are Indradhanu

Chennai's First Waldorf School

And we are committed to bringing an education that serves the physiological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of the child. Our high school will be affiliated to the IGCSE Cambridge International curriculum. 

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Our journey began in 2012 as a small kindergarten class of five in a two-room apartment. What has changed over the years is the size of our school but what hasn’t changed is the laughter and joy that our children bring to us and our deep interest in the child’s well-being and health.

Why Waldorf?

The Waldorf curriculum is designed in such a way that it perfectly complements the development of the child, at every stage, evolving with the child itself. It is based on a scientific understanding of how the human body develops – when is the hand ready to hold a pencil, when is the brain ready to absorb intellectual lessons, what happens during puberty and how does that affect my understanding of the world, when is the heart ready to handle emotional stress, how does a growth spurt affect my learning, and so on – and on the individual child’s capacity. The curriculum encourages the child to actively respond to her environment and gives her space to discover her inner and outer worlds in an unhurried, non-competitive, non-judgemental space.

There is an abundance of learning through the creative arts in a Waldorf school, and there have been several recent researches to show how imperative this is for learning. You could ask a kindergarten child, “What did you do in school today?” and the answer you might get is “We sang, painted and played”. But within that simple answer, a complex system of deep academic thought exists. In the Waldorf method, nothing is done arbitrarily; everything carries meaning in relation to the child’s developmental needs. And this is translated into every activity – singing, cooking, free play, painting, beeswax modelling, movement and rhythm. They learn words and languages through music and math through movement and physics through clay. As they go higher up in Grade School, what they learn changes, but the method of engaging all the senses of the child remains. 

Unlike popular misconception, the Waldorf curriculum is very structured. The days, the week, the month and the year follow specific rhythms that help set gentle but firm boundaries for the child, allowing her the freedom to explore without losing sight of this natural, rhythmic flow in her life, much like nature itself – the sky, though endless and vast, still exists between night and day. 

By combining creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, imagination, exploration, movement and artistic expression, the Waldorf curriculum creates a richly rewarding academic experience. 

Indradhanu is an extraordinary school, a huge relief in Chennai where academics is too suffocating, too important - only result oriented, for people with an aim to become engineers, IT professionals etc. There was no holistic education, nowhere to let imagination grow, and nowhere with freedom of expression. Indradhanu / Waldorf is a freeing system. It’s perfect for my daughter. The teachers are so ‘human’ and connect with the child deeply.

Aditya Modi


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Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 5.00 pm - Weekend Closed

No 7/4, Lynwood Ave, Mahalingapuram, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034, India


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